Side Project: Funk The Peanuts

Funk The Peanuts started off as a duo in 1994. It featured Miwa Yoshida and the main DCT backup singer at the time, Rin Urashima. The name of the group is a play on words:

Funky –> Funk·P –> Funk The Peanuts

Funk The Peanuts performs very soulful music, as always arranged and produced by Nakamura Masato. Miwa and Rin’s voices are both very powerful and make for wonderous harmonies.

In 1999, the group added a new member, DCT backup singer Robin Clark, and changed the name to Funk The Peanuts [R] (Pronounced “Funk The Peanuts Rated R”). The result was an even more funky and hip-hop laced force of nature; three voices of true power and soul. One can only hope they’ll continued to make more music in the future.

You can find live performances of the group in three of DCT’s concerts:

    Funk The Peanuts works

  1. FunP_jacket_rgb

    Funk The Peanuts – SPOIL!

    Release date: 07-Jul-2019

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  2. the-peanuts-tribute-songs-big

    The Peanuts – Tribute Songs

    Release date: 07-Sep-2016

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  3. funkpeanutsr-yougogirl

    Funk The Peanuts [R] – you go girl!

    Release date: 26-Nov-1999

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  4. unavailable-500

    Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai! (Funk The Peanuts) (VHS)

    Release date: 21-May-1997

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  5. funkp-haihaihaihai

    Funk The Peanuts – Hai! Hai! Hai! Hai!

    Release date: 22-Jan-1997

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  6. funkp-taiyou

    Funk The Peanuts – Taiyou ni kuchizuke o ~Atashitachi, Manatsu no FUN·P~

    Release date: 24-Jun-1996

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  7. misc-funkthepeanuts-koinowanashikakemasho

    Funk The Peanuts – Koi no wana shikakemasho ~Funk The Peanuts no Theme~

    Release date: 24-Jul-1995

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