Release date: 2000-12-06

Label: Toshiba EMI

Catalog #: TOBF-55016

Region: 2 (Box says "ALL", but its wrong)

24/7 -the movie-


Main Tracks

  1. 1

    24/7 -the movie-

  2. 2

    24/7 -music video-

  3. 3

    Making of "24/7 -the movie-"

Other Tracks

  1. 4

    Who's Who: Cast List

  2. 5

    Cast Profile

  3. 6

    Location Guide: Where 24/7 was filmed

Special Features
  • Latest DCT Catalog: All the singles, albums, & videos
    available from DCT since they moved to Virgin
  • Guide to DCTgarden.com

A special movie based on the single of the same name.

The video is cool, but the movie is strange, strange, strange. I considered describing what I thought it was about, but with my limited Japanese, I’m still not 100% sure what exactly is going on; So take the following with a grain of salt. Basically, it has a relationship gone wrong (with Miwa as the hurt party), Masa and Taka as “agents from the virtual world” (they look like they’re part of a painting) giving warnings about what’s to come, and there’s a special 24/7 room where things seem to go right.

As I said, strange. ^_^