Go On Baby -universal mix-

Release date: 2001-06-06

Label: Virgin/DCT

Catalog #: TOCT-55018

Oricon Top Ranking: #25

Go On, Baby! -universal mix-

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    Go On, Baby! -universal mix-


    Go On, Baby! –-universal mix-


    I gotta shake my head
    Then I stomp my feet
    Sing and shout, cry out loud
    I'm moving to the beat

    Throwing in the towel
    I say good-bye to love
    That only comes in a hundred years
    Sayonara, baby, bye!!!

    I've got no regrets tonight
    Did my best, did all that I could
    I feel, yes, I feel like howling at the moon light
    Here's that sentimental feeling....

    Hey, Barry
    Go on and sing it just for me tonight
    I can hear you, do it just for me
    Do it all night

    I open up my arms and look up at the sky
    Come on stars, you make it hard for me not to cry

    My friends trip me up
    Always interrupt me up
    They mean well, but they can't tell
    That I have had enough

    They say "Someday love will find you
    And your heart will tell you somehow.."
    Said "I know", "Yes, I know"
    But you're not helping me right now
    ....Earth, Wind and Fire at full volume!
    Let's groove tonight

    Hey, come on, let's play Chaka Khan, too!
    My head was moving to the groove
    Well, I'm so glad that I have you
    "God of music" thank you!

    Yes, all you need is love
    Yes, all "I" need is love
    Says John, says Paul and dreams come true!

    I started shaking my head
    Stomping my feet
    Screming and singing our loud
    I'm moving to the beat
    Go on, go on....

    Jump up wave my arms reaching for the sky
    Look up at the sky
    I go, I go, go on.......

    When I was teen-age, I was so desperated to be young
    Smell fresh and sweet for boys
    That love, once in your life but it turns out
    I've found many just in a few years
    I haven't met my one honey
    Sweet heart, darling and cute pie
    So get ready baby, ready for me
    I'll make you so happy, way happy..!!!

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    Go On, Baby! (Japanese version)


    Go On, Baby! –(Japanese version)


    ATAMA futte JIDANDA funde KOE mo karete wareru kurai
    NAKI sakende n de SAJI nagete hyakuman ni ichido no koi no sayounaraa!!
    Yaru dake wa yatte koukai wa nai kedo tsuki no yoru wa hoetai kibun da
    Nandaka setsunai na...

    hey, barry (white) semete kon'ya wa watashi no tame dake ni sasayaite

    UDE nobashite SORA aoidara hoshi ga yabai yo nakete kuru yo
    ASHI sukuttari KOSHI wo ottari son'na tomodachi demo (ima wa) arigato yo
    "Deau toki wa nanka deau n da yo yappa" koitsu ZENZEN nagusametenai-tte
    Shika mo (Earth Wind & Fire) AASUU daionryou! let's groove, tonight!

    hey, chaka (khan) mokakeyou kizuitara kubi ga yureteta
    Ongaku no kamisama ni chotto dake thank you!

    yes, all you need is love yes, all "I" need is love
    john mo paul mo DORI mo itteru

    ATAMA futte JIDANDA funde NAKI sakende n de SAJI nagetemo go on!
    UDE nobashite SORA aoide KAO agete yukou!

    Juudai wa honoka ni kaoru SEKKEN no nioi ni inochi kaketa
    Hyakunen ni ichido no koi jitsu wa gonen ka sokora de nando mo shita
    SHIAWASE ni suru kara ne
    SHIAWASE sugite naku na yo---! BABY!

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    See You In My Dreams


    See You In My Dreams


    * I said good-bye to you that way
    A heart break, smiles not what it seems
    I'll be alright, don't you worry
    I'll see you in my dreams

    I'm really doing fine
    Went out the other day
    The Enoden train to Kamakura for the first time

    Sky was cloudy
    It was just a little too early to see
    All the Hydrangeas blooming
    Or to stay there in my short sleeves
    Me and my friend looked again and again
    We saw only the leaves

    * Repeat

    The sea and the sky lie there
    Colors match wherever I go far away from each other
    But somehow they seem to close

    I close my eyes and I sit here on sand
    I hear the sound of waves
    It's like I'm listening in full stereo
    I wonder what you would do or say
    If you're here with me

    I said good-bye to you that way
    I said it to you loud and clear

    Cause it's my only way to make it to say good-bye........
    I played around in the sea
    Splashing down in my bare feet
    But I realized something when I came home
    Just like a memory that stays with me
    The sand followed me

    I remember just a street light to witness out last kiss
    As I touch my lips so gently and then it all comes back

    I remember just a street light to witness out last kiss
    It sticks to me, can't seem to shake it
    Like these grains of sand

    I said good-bye to you that way
    A heart break, smiles not what it seems
    I'll alright, so please don't worry
    I'll see you in my dreams

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