Release date: 2005-09-30

Label: Toshiba EMI

Catalog #: TOCT-25899

Happy Birthday, John (65th Anniversary John Lennon Tribute)

  1. 1

    Oh My Love (by 100s)

  2. 2

    Yer Blues (by Shena Ringo)

  3. 3

    Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (by Dreams Come True)


    Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) –(by Dreams Come True)


    Close your eyes
    Have no fear
    The monster's gone
    He's on the run and I am here

    * Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Beautiful boy
    Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Beautiful boy

    ** Before you go to sleep
    Say a little prayer
    Every day in every way
    It's getting better and better

    * Repeat

    Out on the ocean sailing away
    I can hardly wait to see you come of age
    But I guess we'll both
    Just have to be patient

    It's a long way to go
    A hard row to hoe
    Yes it's a long way to go
    But in the meantime

    Before you cross the street
    Take my hand
    Life is what happens to you
    While you're busy
    Making other plans

    * Repeat

    ** Repeat

    * Repeat

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful
    Beautiful boy

    Darling, darling, darling, my darling boy

  4. 4

    Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (by Makihara Noriyuki)

  5. 5

    Hey Bulldog (by Okuda Tamio)

  6. 6

    God (by Miyazawa Kazufumi)

  7. 7

    Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds (by Puffy)

  8. 8

    Tomorrow Never Knows (by Nakakou)

  9. 9

    Love (by Fuji Fabric)

  10. 10

    Revolution (by Bonnie Pink)

  11. 11

    Woman (by Sakura)

  12. 12

    Don't Let Me Down (by Imawano Kiyoshiro & Nakaido Reichi)

  13. 13

    Mother (by Acid Test)

  14. 14

    In My Life (by Takano Hiroshi)

This is a John Lennon tribute album for the 65th anniversary of his birth, collected and produced by Yoko Ono herself. Dreams Come True’s “Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy)” was actually released as the B-side of the 1998 single Ahaha. It was supposed to be on a tribute album at that time, but said album never came to fruition.