Release date: 2010-07-07

Label: Universal

Catalog #: UPCH-89081

Oricon Top Ranking: #5

Ikite yuku no desu (Limited Edition)

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    Ikite yuku no desu

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    Dreams Come True Concert Tour 2009 "Dorishitemasu? Special Medley 3

Video for the Single

This single is DCT’s third release of 2010! “Ikite yuku no desu” is the tie-in song for Pocari Sweat, a popular soft drink.

This limited edition includes a DVD with includes the full music video for Ikite yuku no desu, and the DCT-TV Special Winter Fantastia 2009 ~DCTgarden “THE LIVE!!!” Digest Part 3.

The single was also released in a regular edition.

This single even has it’s own website.