Yuki no Christmas

Release date: 1990-11-21

Label: Epic/Sony

Catalog #: ESDB 3171

Oricon Top Ranking: #5

Yuki no Christmas

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    Yuki no Christmas

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    Very Merry Christmas (Santa to Tenshi ga Warau Yoru)


    Very Merry Christmas –(Santa to Tenshi ga Warau Yoru)


    Christmas day is on it's way
    Everyone's heading home
    So many gifts under the tree
    Waiting just for me

    Mom and Dad waiting, too
    With all the things I love
    So very sweet the special treat
    Is almost ready, too

    Winter celebration to end the year
    My heart beat's getting quick
    Take me home, Come on, Hurry!

    * Merry Christmas, Happy Christmas
    Bring happiness to you and me
    Spread joy and love around the world

    ** Merry Christmas, Sending kisses
    Everywhere through out the land
    Can you hear the angel's sing?

    Here's to us
    Here's to all our dreams

    I have a surprise for you
    "A Secret Rendezvous"
    Deep in the night, I'll come and see you
    By the snowy lane

    I will bring my mistletoe
    Hold it above my head
    Oh, Can't you see? Oh, Can't you tell?
    What my heart's longing for

    Then I will close my eyes, Don't make me wait
    That very special kiss
    Pretty please, Come on, Hurry!

    * Repeat

    ** Repeat

    Here's to you
    Here's to me, So much fun!!

    * Repeat

    * Repeat

    ** Repeat

    Cheers to you, Cheers to me,
    And everyone, VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Yuki no Christmas’s main claim to fame is that it is the original Japanese version of the DCT #1 single, Winter Song. Both songs are of equal, excellent quality. Winter Song just came along when DCT was at its height, so it’s the one that got the accodales.

This single also features the first known DCT English language song, Very Merry Christmas.

Special Note: This is only one of two places that you can find the song Yuki no Christmas. The other place is the more easily findable re-release of Winter Song. It was never released on an album.