New Album: “ATTACK25” was released on August 20!

2014 News

DCT’s 17th original album, “ATTACK25”, was released on August 20! There will be 16 tracks including “Ai ga Tadoritsuku Basho”, “MY TIME TO SHINE”, “Sozo o koeru ashita e”, “Aishite Waratte Ureshikute Namidashite”, “MADE OF GOLD -featuring DABADA-“, “Saa kane […]


New Single: “AGAIN” released on March 26!

2014 News

DCT’s first single of 2014, “AGAIN“, was released on March 26! The single celebrates DCT’s 25th anniversary! There was a special edition of the release featuring a DVD with music videos, in addition to the regular release. Release Date: March […]


New Single: “Kono machi de”

2013 News

DCT has created a collaboration song with AEON called “Kono machi de“. It’s supposed to be played in AEON stores, AEON malls as well as a AEON TV commercial from Nov 1 to Jan 13th. DCT is featured in the […]