Release date: 1991-02-21

Label: Epic/Sony

Catalog #: ESDB 3191

Oricon Top Ranking: #34

Andre Nakamura and the Okhotsk·Boys Setsunakute ~Okhotsk ni tatazumu otoko~

  1. 1

    Setsunakute ~Okhotsk ni tatazumu otoko~

  2. 2

    Setsunakute ~Okhotsk ni tatazumu otoko~ (Karaoke)

Masa and Taka got together to form the one shot five member band Andre Nakamura and the Okhotsk·Boys back in 1991. Masa played Andre. Taka played the other four members. ^_^

My information on how the single Setsunakute did is limited, but the band reappeared for a comedic performance of the song in the Wonderland ’99 Summer concert. They also make appearances in the DCT Network News skits in both Summer and Winter Wonderland ’99 concerts.