Dreams Come True Official Singles

  1. go for it

    go for it!

    Release date: 09-Sep-1993

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  2. Haretara ii ne

    Haretara ii ne

    Release date: 21-Oct-1992

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  3. Kessen wa kinyoubi

    Kessen wa kin’youbi

    Release date: 19-Sep-1992

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  4. Wasurenaide


    Release date: 25-Oct-1991

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  5. Eyes to me

    Eyes to me

    Release date: 25-Apr-1991

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  6. Yuki no Christmas

    Yuki no Christmas

    Release date: 21-Nov-1990

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  7. Sayonara o Matteru

    Sayonara o matteru

    Release date: 21-Sep-1990

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  8. Ring! Ring! Ring!

    Ring! Ring! Ring!

    Release date: 21-Jun-1990

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  9. Egao no Yukue

    Egao no yukue

    Release date: 20-Feb-1990

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  10. lat43n-300

    LAT. 43°N ~forty-three degrees north latitude~

    Release date: 22-Nov-1989

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  11. Ureshi Hazukashi Asagaeri

    Ureshi hazukashi asagaeri

    Release date: 01-Sep-1989

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  12. Approach


    Release date: 01-Jun-1989

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  13. anataniaitakute-300

    Anata ni aitakute

    Release date: 21-Mar-1989

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